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Assessments: To make arrangements for a therapist to come to your home for an assessment, you may contact our retail stores.

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It was a nice Xmas present for my mother. I've already started recommending your walk-in bathtubs to everyone I know. I still feel lucky for gettin...

Nicole Smith
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MED+ Home Health Care serving you for over 20 years

home health careWelcome to MED+, your community partner in home health care, and assisted living, retirement, or long-term care.
When you need a wheelchair, a barrier-free bathtub, or even physiotherapy equipment after a sports injury, you want assurance that your needs will be met by knowledgeable experts who care about your independence and dignity. That's where we come in! MED+ Home Health Care has worked in your community for twenty years to ensure that you maintain as much mobility and independence as possible. So whether you choose to remain at home or move to one of Ontario's excellent long term care homes, you can buy or rent any custom medical equipment and personal supplies that meet your needs.

We provide personal service, working with you and your caregivers through the entire process from ordering, overnight delivery, through to custom fitting or training in the use of the products. Need advice or help renovating your home to be wheelchair accessible or to ensure fall prevention? Want to browse at your leisure through a store that displays the products you need? Or how about getting help with that physiotherapy?

Visit the two MED+ Home Health Care retail stores in Richmond Hill, Ontario, or call us directly to arrange for rental or purchase. We add the personal touch that enhances your independence while ensuring your comfort and security.

Home Accessibility Solutions for Independence Living - Visit Our Showroom Today!
  • Home Accessibility

    Use of specialized adaptive equipment, aids for daily living and technology

    Bathroom safety and transfer: healthcraft grab bars and transfer aids including super poles, dependa bars and pt rails.

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  • Bathroom safety

    Remodeling Services

    You feel comfortable in your home, and it probably holds many great memories, too. So why would you want to

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  • Remodeling Services

    Ramps and Lifts

    Many people have difficulty in climbing stairs which results in unnecessary inconvenience.

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  • Ramps & Lifts

    Walk in bath

    MED+ will work with you to develop the optimal plan for providing home accessibility through the use of ramps and lifts.

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