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Assessments: To make arrangements for a therapist to come to your home for an assessment, you may contact our retail stores.

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About Us

What does it mean to you, to preserve as much independence as possible, whether you are ageing or recovering from an injury? For MED+ Home Health Care, it means a lot. The recognition of your need to control your own destiny forms the core of our company mission. So we provide medical equipment that helps you maintain as much independence and comfort as you can, whatever your circumstances. Our staff members each specialize in particular types of equipment, and believe in a uniquely personal, hands-on approach. We treat you as a valued individual, and tailor our solutions to the needs you have.

MED+ Home Health Care explores numerous channels for providing appropriate equipment for your specific circumstance. For personal and home care, you can shop at boutiques in Richmond Hill, Ontario, or call our office to place an order. We are also especially proud of our community partnerships with home health care and Family Health Teams, and we supply long term care facilities too. If you do remain at home, we help you with renovations that ensure the home itself won't turn against you when mobility becomes an issue. But we continually look for more ways to improve your life: in the near future, you will also be able to browse an online catalog, to rent or buy what you need.

MED+ Home Health Care started more than twenty years ago as a 300 square foot retail store in Richmond Hill. But as community needs grew, so did we. We gradually expanded both our services and our locations, selling comfort supplies, then wheelchairs and similar equipment, and eventually servicing retirement homes and working with sports med facilities.

Our community commitment means we can set your mind at ease, whether you choose to remain in your own home as you grow older, choose a retirement home instead, or need long term care in a medical facility. And if you've experienced a sports injury, we work with your physiotherapist and doctor, meeting your bracing and rehabilitation needs. In every case, our goal is the same as it's always been: to respect you as an individual, and provide you as much control and independence as possible in your specific circumstances.

MED+ Home Health Care is a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce of Richmond Hill, Ontario, and a vendor authorized under the major funding sources and programs. Contact us with your requirements, and let us work to meet all your mobility, comfort, and independence needs.

To be an integral part of our clients’ success through our low pricing, quality products and our commitment to service excellence operated in an alliance mindset.

To meet our clients need through competitive pricing and innovative solutions for medical equipment, supplies, mobility and health care needs in a constantly changing healthcare environment.

The care of seniors in Long Term Care

The care of senior in Retirement and Assisted Living Homes

The care of patients care in Hospital, Primary care offices, Family help teams.

The care of family needs in the community..

Medical equipment and supply distributor to pharmacies, Para professionals,
rehab and sports injury clinics..

Our passion for excellent service is driven by our values of Accountability; Integrity; Trust, Respect and Professionalism.

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Richmond Hill

Our Executive Team

Abraham Morgenstern

Our President believes in a completely hands-on approach, whether he's working with you as a customer, or with his co-workers. This means his constant work ethic finds him more often in the warehouse, assembling and fixing wheelchairs and attending to customer needs, than in his office. He believes in getting to know those in your community, which often involves making home deliveries as well as other community involvement. Motivating co-workers and customers alike with compassionate leadership and a passion for positive results, his focus on you as the customer stands at the core of the Med+ philosophy. We at Med+ are proud to call him our President.