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Assessments: To make arrangements for a therapist to come to your home for an assessment, you may contact our retail stores.

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MED+ Home Health Care offers you all the equipment and products you need to maintain comfort and dignity in the home, in an assisted living facility or retirement home, and in the community. You'll find adult self-care products; ramps, lift chairs, or barrier-free showers for your home; rehabilitation products prescribed by sports medicine; aids to your mobility; and a great deal more. Rest comfortably in an electronically adjustable bed from Invacare, or go shopping with a motorized scooter from Pride Mobility. We carry those and many of the other major brands, who provide equipment of the highest quality and safety. And if you browse our site and don't find exactly what you need, let us know, and we can probably special order it for you.

For the staff at MED+, nothing that improves your comfort and ease of living is unimportant. From minor additions like grab bars in your bathtub, to major renovations such as lowering kitchen counters, we'll provide everything necessary for you to create a barrier-free home and make at-home care as easy as possible.

And if you'd prefer to rent equipment instead of buy, MED+ makes that easy for you too. In fact, you'll have whatever assistance we can offer from the moment of your first inquiry to the moment you settle into that new bed or head outside on your new scooter. When you place an order, you'll receive delivery within 24 hours, virtually every time. And we work with you to provide all fittings or training you might need in learning to use your new tools.

Please feel free to browse the product categories on our website, call us for information, or visit our stores in Richmond Hill. Whatever products you need for mobility, physiotherapy, retirement home living, or easier living at home, MED+ Home Health Care is more than happy to provide it.